Simon Cy Avara

Simon 'Cy' Avara


Simon Avara's contributions to the Barber Industry:

Apprentice for two years and received Barber license in 1950.

In 1953 drafted during the Korean War.

In 1955 Attended cosmetology School - Baltimore Studio Of Hair in preparation for opening a barber school.

On October 10th 1960's Simon opened his first barber school in Baltimore.

In 1960 youngest person ever appointed to the Maryland State Board of Examiners.

Since Mid 1960's very involved with St. Vincent's Center for Abused Children once a month Mr. Cy sends his barber students to St. Vincents center to cut hair and this continues today.

In 1970 Simon opened his second barber school location Avara's Academy Of Hair Design, between the two school locations responsible for training well over 2,000 barber stylist. Youngest elected national president of All Barber Examiners. Secretary treasurer of all union affiliated barber schools in America. One of the 14 founding members of International Guest Artist Assocation President of Barber's Union until they merged with UFCW.

In 1972 franchised for Roffler hair products in Maryland, DC, Delaware and Virginia. Conducted Roffler technique classes. Founded Maryland Hair Design Association and gave classes on current styles and trends. Continues until this day to lobby in Annapolis to protect the integrity of the barber and cosmetology industry. In mid 1970 set up training program at Hagerstown, Maryland Penitentiary under the supervision of a master barber allowing students to receive some credit towards the 1200 required hours giving them the opportunity once released to continue their barbering training and obtain a job in the barber industry.

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