David Jones

David Jones


A Georgia native, David's mother Irene was a hair stylist but had stopped cutting hair long before he was born. However, the profession must be in the blood because he has been a practicing barber for 38 years. Six of those years he managed a nine chair shop for two different owners. He not only managed the shop, he personally trained the second owner and all incoming employees to the shop. The shop was recognized as the number one Roffler shop in the state of Georgia by state Roffler representative Loyd Sheffield. During David's first three years in the barber profession, he was able to claim five first place state trophies, three first place Southeastern trophies and one first place East Coast trophy.

Fifteen years of David's career were spent as a Roffler educator/trainer, always with the goal of returning what he had learned to others, in order to raise up and improve the profession. Over his 38 year career, David has been involved with numerous community and charity fundraisers, as well as cutting hair at nursing homes, hospitals and funeral homes - all free of charge - in an attempt to return thanks to the community for his prosperous years. David was appointed to the Georgia State Barber Board in 1992.

One of the first things he was appointed to do by then Board Chairman Winston Strickland was to totally revamp the disinfection system for the Georgia State Barber Board. This project involved six months of numerous visits with the CDC, doctors of the CDC, attendance in conferences and conferring with chemists to help formulate the correct language for the changes to the regulations. The state board adopted the new rules and regulations to protect the barbers and the public of the state of Georgia. 'You're only as good as your board members', David has always said and is proud to have served and accomplished so much with hopes of even more in the future.

David was elected into the fifth Vice President position of the National Association of Barber Boards of America in September 1999 and with the help from Governor Sonny Perdue, his vice chairs and friends became president of the NABBA in 2005-2006. His theme was 'Stepping Forward and Changing with the Times' and with his NABBA board members, Charles Kirkpatrick and special thanks to Edwin Barnes and the state of South Carolina for hosting the convention, his year was a huge success. Accomplishments included a new computer and software to update the much outdated computer, recognition of the need of changing from paper communication to email and a much improved registration process for the NABBA.

Along with these changes was an allowance once a year for the next ten years for the updating of computer or software as needed. A cell phone was purchased for Charles Kirkpatrick for NABBA use instead of using his personal one. His year was a year of updating and change for the future of NABBA. David remains involved with NABBA in any capacity he is needed. A new association, Barbers International, is one of David's new challenges.

He currently serves as chairman of the advisory board, along with being over judging of competitions. He also is on the educator/trainer staff. David truly loves his profession and believes in returning what he has received to those coming after him. He feels he is blessed because his daughter, who is now Roffler trained, works with him in on a daily basis in his shop.

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