Leonard DeLuca

Leonard DeLuca


Leonard L. DeLuca (1921-    ) was born in Chicago, Illinois. He had wanted to be a barber since 1938 when he cleaned and polished spittoons, folded towels and ran for more hot towels for Naffers Barber Shop, where he earned 75 cents a week.

In 1958, Edmond Roffler brought his advanced European method of cutting hair with a straight razor to America, and Leonard transformed this method to the American style. Mr. Roffler franchised this method and made Leonard one of the educational team, training barbers in Illinois. Leonard became a part of the International Guest Artist’s Association and was able to demonstrate these techniques throughout the United States, inspiring many to stay in the profession they loved. Leonard was also well known in local barber schools and invited other guest artists to feature their skills to help students see the latest techniques. For many years he organized seminars, haircutting competitions and clinics to educate the new methods and new barbering tools used to design hairstyles. As a result, barbers were able to prosper and keep pace with the changing hairstyling world.

Leonard took advanced classes at Pivot Point and advanced study from Georges Hardy. He placed first and third in the USA competition in 1979 and 1980 and won first place in the USA team competition in France. His cuts and styles have appeared on the cover of several trade magazines. Leonard was also a guest artist and president of the International Guest Artist Association and worked at seminars in many states.

Leonard has had his own styling salon for thirty years. Presently, his shop is at Olympia Fields Country Club in Olympia Fields, Illinois. He has taught in Illinois prisons and has personally trained 350 union barbers in advanced hairstyling and 428 stylists in Roffler techniques. He was director and coordinator for the Illinois International competitions and team trainer for seven years. He also trained the USA champion in the most coveted cut “The Classic.”

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