Maura Scali-Sheahan


In addition to holding a master barber license since the 1970s, Maura has a doctorate in higher education leadership and a master’s degree in workforce education training and development. She is the education director for Barbers International and has served on a variety of college councils, advisory boards, the Illinois and Florida State Barber Boards, and the former AMBBA Executive Board.

Maura has been a presenter for The Career Institute since 2001 and a full-time instructor since 1991. She is the author of the past three editions of Milady’s Standard: Professional Barbering and its supplements for Cengage Learning and is currently working on the 2010 edition. In addition to teaching and freelance writing for the industry, Maura is an adjunct instructor for Southern Illinois University’s off-campus military programs.

She recently left her position at a community college to pursue her passion for facilitating barbering education. As the founder of MS2 Consultants, Maura is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, technical skill-base, and professionalism of barbering programs, instructors and students.

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