Ken Kirkpatrick

Ken Kirkpatrick


Ken Kirkpatrick was born in Eden Valley, Minnesota in 1947. He attended Eden Valley High School from 1962-1965. While attending there he lettered 11 times in various sports and in 1965 was athlete of the year. From 1965-1968 Ken was in the U.S. Army and did computer operations at Nike missile site. He has also served on the ESGR for 30 years. He currently resides in White Bear Lake, MN with his wife, has five children and four grandchildren.

In 1971 Ken started his barbering adventure by attending Brook’s Barbering School. He then bought his first barber shop in 1973, Capitol Barbers, located in the state office building. Over the past 43 years he has cut the hair of numerous legislator, senators, and congressmen as well as the last 7 Governors. In 2014 he helped to pass the Barber Pole Bill, making it so only barbers in the state of MN are allowed to use the pole when advertising. Ken also co-owned Airport Barber Stylists from 1998-2010 and Marquis Salon and Spa from 2004-2009. On weekends, Ken is also known to volunteer to cut hair at the MN Veterans home and the Union Gospel Mission as well as, visiting hospitals and homes to clients who can no longer make it into his shop. In spring of 2016 he passed his original shop over to his oldest son and has now gone down to working three days a week.

Ken was appointed to the Minnesota Barber Board in 1980 by Gov. Quie, and served on the board until 2008. He then took 6 years off until being reappointed by Gov. Dayton. In 1998 he was elected to the National Board of Barbers and was the National President for the Board in 2003. He has continued to serve on the Executive Board since 2003.

This man loves his work and will always be a barber.

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