Larry Little

Larry Little


Larry Little was born in Woodruff County, Arkansas in 1942. He entered Barber College in 1961 and was licensed in 1962. He was a barber for 49 years.

Larry was active in barbering competitions for many years in Arkansas both as a competitor and as a judge. He came in second in three National competitions — Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Larry was the youngest man ever elected as President of the Arkansas Barber Association. He was also instrumental in forming the Arkansas Haircutter Association.

In 1974 he opened the Arkansas College of Barbering along with his brother Bob Little. They grew the school business to three schools before selling them.

Larry served on the Arkansas State Board of Barber examiners for 18 years and was active in the NABBA serving as Chairman of the Registration Committee. He also kept the minutes of the conference for many years.

Larry is active in his church in Little Rock fort 40 years. He is the father of two children and the grandfather of five.

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