Antonino Nobile

Antonino Nobile

New York

Born in a little quaint town of Calatifima, Sicily, Antonino Nobile' began his training as a barber at the tender age of 6. His training involved going to the local barber shop where he would sit and observe thereby learning his future trade. At the age of 10, he gave his first haircut and shave. From that point on, it was fate. He left his hometown and moved to Florence in search of adventure and growth. In the glorious city, he had his first taste of success, opening his first barber shop. His adventurous nature led him to immigrate with his family in 1968 to the United States, specifically New York. He faced many obstacles immigrants face with the language barrier.

However, he did not allow these challenges to stop him, especially his learned trade. His talent was undeniable that when the NYS License Board witnessed his skills with the scissors, his license was granted immediately. His streak of success continued in the United States with a long succession of barber shops. In total, he operated seven barber shops. His talent for barbering did not go unnoticed because his clientele followed him to his new business ventures. His ultimate success was operating his own barber shop a short time after arriving in the United States. In recognition of his talents, he was inducted posthumously into the Barber Hall of fame in 2004.

His charitable deeds did not go unnoticed as well. Known for his charitable nature of giving free haircuts and shaves to the less fortunate, elderly, and making house calls for the sick, a street was named in his honor June 20, 2004 (Father's Day) ...Tony "The Barber" Nobile' Way, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Dyker Heights).

Barber Shops owned and/or operated by Antonino Nobile':

Chelsea Barbershop: 433 7th Avenue, New York, N.Y. (1969-71 / Owned)

Columbo Barbershop Inc.: 55 Beaver Street, New York, N.Y. (1972-73 / Worker)

Parkway Barbershop: 4501 Forth Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1974-75 / Worker)

Tony's Barbershop: 1801 68th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1975-77 / Owner)

Dominic's Barbershop: 6728 11th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1977 / Worker)

NOTE: Moved from 6728 to 6704 11th Ave. & became Tony's Barbershop II (1978-88 / Owner)

Tony's Barbershop III: 6312 11th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1989-2002 / Owner)

NOTE: The barbershop is still open under new owners "Alfred's Barbershop" just 1/2 block north of the "Tony "The Barber" Nobile' Way" street sign.

Barbering since 1938, Mr. Nobile' had over 60 years of barbering/hairstyling experience in Italy and the United States. He was a member of the Kings and Queens Master Barbering Association in Brooklyn from 1974-2002. He was also a member of Hair International (Lebanon, Pa.) from 1995-2002. Sadly, Antonino Nobile' passed away on December 5th, 2002 of congestive heart failure due to complications of diabetes and multiple myeloma. Antonino was one month shy of what would have been his 75th birthday.

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