N.F. Nick Cimaglia

N.F. Nick Cimaglia

New York

1920 - Began work with his family's business, Mah Studios, developing, producing and selling men's and women's hairstyling charts and displays for use in barber shops.

1924 - Published the barber textbook, The Tonsorial Artist, written by Joseph DeSilvas.

1927 - Established Milady Publishing Corp., a one-man operation which became the nation's leading source of publications on barbering/men's hairstyling.

1932 - He published The Theory and Practice of Barbering, a Q&A book to assist barber students to prepare for the PA State Board exam.

1938 - Published the first of many editions of Practice and Science of Standard Barbering.

1950 - Began publication of National Barber School Journal (later renamed National Men's Hairstyling Journal).

1953 - Established a barber student recruitment program for the benefit of Milady Publishing's customer barber schools, and the program still operates today.

1976 - Elected to the Barber Hall of Fame.

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