Edmond Roffler

Edmond Roffler


1927 - Mr. Roffler was encouraged by his wife, a beautician, to learn to cut hair. He completed barber school in 1928.

1934 - After working in several barber and beauty shops in West Virginia, he moved his family to Florida where he was president of the Barbers' Guild (journeymen barbers' union).

1946 - He opened his own barber shop, which grew to be a five-chair shop in the first two years.

1958 - Realizing he needed to continue to progress, he traveled to Paris, France, to study European methods of haircutting, using the sculpturing razor exclusively, on damp hair.

1959 - After returning to the U.S., Roffler perfected his technique, and developed the Roffler-Kut style, incorporating the technique he had learned in Europe with new ideas of his own. He was awarded a patent for the Roffler-Kut, a first for the barbering industry. In the early 1960s, Roffler was invited to demonstrate his technique at the New York National Barber Show. It was an immediate success and barbers began to seek training from Mr. Roffler. It was then that he formulated the Roffler Sculpture-Kut National Franchise System. Roffler franchises are still operting across the United States today.

1969 - Mr. Roffler retired as chairman of the board of Roffler Sculpture-Kut, Inc. He was inducted into the Barber Hall of Fame in 1975.

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