Raymond Andrew

Raymond Andrew


After spending several years as a cook, accounting clerk and lathe operator, Mr. Andrew attended a barber school in Toledo, Ohio. He opened a barber shop in 1929, and his wife, Lillie, joined the business, cutting and styling women's hair. Mr. Andrew had a desire to teach others his barbering techniques and processes, and in 1932 he started his own barber school.

In 1936, he helped organize the Ohio Barber School Association, and became its president. It was the first organization of its kind in the country. Several years later, he bought the barber school he had attended, and it became the Andrew Barber College. He and two partners purchased a barber college in Columbus, Ohio, in 1953. Over the years Mr. Andrew wrote a number of textbooks for barber students featuring The Andrew Method, and wrote teaching manuals, and management and curriculum guidelines for barber schools across the country.

In 1957, Mr. Andrew worked with Karl Moyer, secretary of the Ohio State Board of Barber Examiners, to create a Barber Shop Museum of the Civil War Era. Authentic antique fixtures, furniture, tools and equipment were located and restored, and displayed at the Andrew-Columbus Barber College. Today the museum resides in Canal Winchester, Ohio (12 miles SE of Columbus), and is called the Ed Jeffers Museum, in honor of its longtime curator/caretaker.

He has served as past secretary-treasurer and president of the National Association of Barber Schools, as well as past president of the Ohio Barber Schools Association. Mr. Andrew was inducted into the Barber Hall of Fame in 1972.

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