Sherman Trusty

Sherman Trusty


Mr. Trusty's first job was as a mule skinner (driving mules) to be shipped via rail, and as a mule barber. He later held many odd jobs such as elevator operator, cotton picker and dishwasher. He entered 8th grade at age 18 in Pasadena, Calif., and completed high school.

He became a barber and paid his own tuition from 8th grade in a parochial school through four years of college and three years' graduate studies. After attending graduate school he secured financing and purchased a barber school, which he owned and operated for over 30 years.

He was the author of several books, The Trusty Handbook of Modern Barbering (1936), Barber Science in a Nutshell (1948), Streamline Review of Barber Science (1950), The Art & Science of Barbering (7 editions, 1956-1967), Workbook on Barbering (1966), and Advanced Men's Hairstyling (1966).

Mr. Trusty served as president of the National Association of Barber Schools; secretary-treasurer of the California Barber College Association; and legislative advocate in the California Legislature for the California Barber College Assn. He was inducted into the Barber Hall of Fame in 1966. 

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