Adam Szulc

Poznań, Poland

Born 01.09.1971 In Poznań

September 1, 1986 – beginning of the Vocational School In Poznań at lnzynierska Street in the profession of ‘barber.” The apprenticeship at the Hairdressing and Cosmetics Cooperative in Poznań In two reputable barber shops under the supervision of two masters of men's hairdressing from Poznań: Emillan Łukasik and Grzegorz Szulc.

1988 – I created my own logo of a crossed comb with a razor, which I is still in use today.

June 1989 – I graduated from vocational school and completed practical training with a very good result and gained the title of journeyman barber. In the same month I started my first independent job as a barber in Poznań at the Jaglellonskie housing estate.

September 1989 – I started education at the Hairdressing Technical School in Poznań at Cegielskiego Street.

1990 – I took part in cutting hair for the army.

1989-1992 – during the Rock Festival in Jarocin I opened every year an improvised barber shop in a rented vacant building, where I gave free haircuts to punks visiting the festival.

1992 – the end of my technical education, after which l received the title of "Technician of Hairdressing Services.” In the same year I passed my mature exam and defended my diploma thesis: "Aging of skin and hair over centuries.”

May 1995 – I passed the master exam organized by the Hairdressing and Cosmetics Cooperative. I graduated from the men's department with a very good mark. In the same year I passed OSH and pedagogical course which enabled me to teach young students.

December 1999 – I opened my own hairdressing salon in Poznań at Orla Bialego housing estate, where I ran the men's department.

August 2000 – the first independent photo session of hairstyles which resulted In a look book called "Katalog fryzur męskich” (Men's Hairstyles Catalogue) and the photos from this session appeared in the Polish trade magazine “Hair Club.”

December 2009 – I took part in the carnival show of men's haircuts in the local Chamber of Crafts.

2006-2013 – I was the chairman of one of the examination committees at the Poznań Guild of Different Crafts.

October 2010 – I was awarded by the Poznań Guild of Different Crafts the Golden Badge of Craft for services to Greater Poland men's hairdressing.

November 2010 – I took part in a training in London at the Academy “Mahogany.”

March 2013 – my workplace took the first place in Poznań and fourth in Poland according to the search engine Zumi.

2014-2018 – I organized a lot of charity haircuts for homeless people, guys from reformatories, children from orphanages, seniors from nursing homes or people with disabilities both in my workplace and in external units.

2014-2018 – I have organized many practical and theoretical training􀝊 often related to helping open barber shops for companies: Alfa Parf, Pan Drwal, Uppercut Deluxe, Barber Supply, Barberian Academy & Barber Shop, Brush Barber Shop, Jesse Men’s Barbering and many others.

2014-2015 – a series of charity haircuts during underground band concerts in various Polish cities for the organization “Open Cages.”

July 2015 – organization of a large barbershop photo shoot for the British hair pomade company “Uppercut.”

January 2016 – I was recognized as one of the top 40 Polish stylists according to the magazine "Estetica” and as the only barber in this group.

April 2016 – I organized in my workplace a press conference and a debate on vocational education with the participation of among others, the Mayor of Poznań Jacek Jaskowiak and the District Starost Jan Grabkowskl.

June 2016 – I participated in the training of the English Academy “Savills" in Newport, Scotland.

August 2016 – I organized two big photo shoots of men's haircuts in Berlin and Wroclaw,

September 2016 – I opened my own industrial barber shop with my own idea for haircutting techniques and my own concept for the whole functioning of this establishment. I also celebrated 30 years of professional work at that time.

March 2017 – 2nd place in the plebiscite “Hairdresser of the Year” organized by the daily newspaper “Glos Wielkopolski.”

April 2017 – together with the City Hall of Sieradz, I published an album and a series of postcards with photos of my own men's hairstyles for each decade of Antoine Cierplikowski's life - legend of world's hairdressing. I also added historical descriptions for each era.

October 2017 – I was awarded the Honorary Badge of Craftsmanship by the Poznań Guild of Miscellaneous Crafts for my contributions to men's hairdressing.

July 2018 – I was awarded an Antoine Cierpllkowski graphic by “Club Antoine” and the Mayor of Sieradz for my contribution to the "Open Hair" festival.

January 2018 – I took additional training in exceptional barber shop hygiene care.

2015-2018 – I am the committee chairman of the Barbershop Championships at the Barber Festivals in Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice. 

2018 – I am an author of bestseller book about barbering. It's called “Fryzjer Męski” (Men's Haircutter).

2020 – I am an author of bestseller book about barbenng. It's called “Następny Proszę” (Next Please!}. The National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame is mentioned in this book. Also Mr. Mike lppollti did the prologue to this title. There is a great chapter about American barber shops with such guys as Anthony Mancinelli (I met him in 2019), Angel Delgadillo! or David Raccuglia.

I am the author of many articles and photographs of barbering and crafts In magazines  – “Fale loki koki,” “Halr Club,” “Pasażer,” “GlosWielkopolski,” “Czas zawodowców” and “Estetica.” 

I am co-responsible for the publication of the book 'Barber – by the publishing house Zysk i s-ka In Poznam, Poland  – I assisted In translation and substantive evaluation and wrote the afterword to the book. 

I have participated many times in the hairdressing festival in Sieradz called “Open Hair” promoting men's hairdressing and I am the honorary ambassador of this event. 

Many times in various Polish cities I organized my own conceptual barbering shows such as: “The Beast,” “The Bridge,” “Passion, Craft, Work,” sometimes together with my friends from the Poznań Guild e.g. Robert Grzempowskl, show called "Neon & Punk" and the Poznań Styling Club called: “Rockapin-up” or the outstanding Polish stylist Jaga Hupalo called: “Beauty and the Beast.” 

Since 2015, every year I perform with my team with barbershop shows during the Celebration of Hairdressers in the Greater Poland Chamber of Crafts. 

I am the author of many instructional videos about men's hairdressing, and barbering popular in online channels.

Many times, together with my team I organized free shows of men's hairdressing for vocational schools and high schools.

In April 2016, three of my students won the first three places in men’s hairdressing at the International Student Competition in Furstenwalde, Germany. 

I have been teaching barber students since 1998 until today. 

I have been a member of the Poznań Guild of Miscellaneous Crafts since 2000. 

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