Anthony Mancinelli

New York

Anthony Mancinelli was born on March 2, 1911 near Naples Italy. He emigrated with his family when he was eight years old to Newburgh, NY. He is 108 years old. He has been working in barber shops since he was 11 years old. At age 12 he dropped out of school and began cutting hair full time. He continues to work five days a week from Noon to 8pm at Fantastic Cuts in New Windsor, NY. At age 97 the Guinness World Records listed him as the oldest working barber. Today Anthony keeps outdating all his awards. 

He isn't on any medication and his hands are steady. In fact, he doesn't even wear glasses. He also never calls off work. He lives alone, drives himself to work and cooks his own meals, and is adamantly self­-sufficient. 

When he first started cutting hair, it cost 25 cents. Today a cut from Mr. Mancinelli costs $19. His type of cut has changed with the times…from short hair to long hair styles, Buster Brown to shags and even permanents. 

He no longer does the medical techniques he first learned from the older barbers, such as burning off warts, using leeches for swelling or high blood pressure, or taking heated glass cups to place on the torso. He keeps a pair of manual hair clippers in his drawer just in case the electricity would go off. 

Anthony is a proud member of the American Legion for 75 years having served in WWII. He is a great-­great grandfather of six children.